TopHat®PinPoint Tool Steel Einschraubspitzen 5/16 12-er Pac


TopHat®PinPoint Tool Steel Einschraubspitzen 5/16 12-er Pac

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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\ltrpar\keepn\s1\lang2057\b\f0\fs22 TopHat\'ae Screw-in Tool Steel Pin Point\par
- very durable High Precision Screw-in Point, made from Tool Steel \line - designed for target and 3-D competition with an aggressive \line pin point shaped tip for straighter target entry and lesser \line glance-outs in crowded targets\line - machined from stainless tool steel to the highest standards and \line case hardened to prevent bending and curling of the tip\line - standard 8-32 thread \line - O-Ring keeps the point tight and prevents the point from rattling loose\par
\line sold in dozen packs\cf1\par
\pard\ltrpar\tx2340 size:\tab 5/16"\par
\line available weights:\tab 20 gr.\line\tab 40 gr.\line\tab 60 gr.\line\tab 80 gr.\line\tab 100 gr.\line\par

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