TopHat®SL Convex ToolSteel .166 12er Pck

TopHat® SL Convex Tool Steel Point

- designed for target competition with an elongated bullet
shaped point. The sharp tip ensures a straight entry into
the target and prevents glance-outs in crowded targets.
- made from stainless tool steel and case hardened to
prevent bending and curling of the tip
- machined to a special profile with a larger diameter
head to fit higher spined, thick walled .166" I.D. shafts
(Kinetic Pierce, VAP, Deep Impact etc.) and .166” shafts
equipped with TopHat® Protector Rings
- weight adjustable with five break-off sections
- a High Precision Product, made in Germany

sold in dozen packs

- available sizes:
Type III: (fits shafts with O.D. of .229" and up)
90 - 100 - 110 - 120 - 130 - 140 gr.

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